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McKenna Brown: Why I Rebuild

I rebuild for peace because I believe in a better tomorrow. I dream for the day when the world will know peace. Until then, I fight for the opportunity for every individual to live a fulfilling life, with no restrictions on race, gender, religion or economic stability. I am dedicated to improving the quality of life for every human worldwide.

Growing up, I was heavily involved in humanitarian work. From church, to my mom’s company to being the community service representative for my school, I was constantly involved in many different projects. I fell in love with the causes and learning more about the world’s needs. I met inspiring people along the way who humbled and influenced me in more ways than one. I learned early on the importance of empowering people, that it was not enough to provide service, but to provide resources that would maintain a sustainable livelihood.

I believe that children and youth play a special role in this vision. Specifically, I believe that the youth are the key to changing our world for the better. Each child brings unique character strengths and abilities. With support, love, guidance and the right tools, we can give them every opportunity to flourish, expressing their individuality and light. I stand by Rebuild for Peace’s efforts in providing youth in disadvantaged areas with the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Through their organization’s work, youth and refugees have the ability to learn the necessary skills to reach their fullest potential. Through their trainings, individuals are given the ability to obtain their dreams.



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