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Stories of Peace: Uthaina Hijia

“I would love to have more equipment to allow me to go into other neighborhoods and offer similar training courses. I specifically want to impact the lives of the girls in surrounding communities who are seeking these kinds of educational opportunities to transform their lives."


Uthaina is a Trainer at the Cosmetology Center in Tofila and has been teaching for the last couple of years. Her love for cosmetology started as a child, when her friends commented on how well she did their hair. This hobby has since become a passion and now, a full-time job. However, she says it is her passion more than it is a job. She desires to positively impact the lives of the girls in her community by teaching this trade, as there are very few opportunities to work in her area. She is passionate about giving girls in the region the same opportunities she had, by providing them vocational training that can prove life-changing in their professional pursuits.

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