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We're launching the RFP Ambassador Program!

Jordan is home to over 1.3 million Syrian refugees, and hosts hundreds of thousands of others who have left everything behind and are trying to make a new life for themselves. Rebuild for Peace serves communities like the ones in Jordan, who are prone to violence and economic instability. We do this, by providing vocational training, peace-building, and community development.

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are in need of powerful advocates like you to help us spread the word about our work and our impact. For that reason, we are launching the Rebuild for Peace Ambassador Program for individuals who are Interested in helping refugee youth and strong community leaders help themselves. As a Rebuild for Peace Ambassador, you will directly affect the lives of these refugees by engaging people within your circle of influence and communities.

Our CEO, Christopher Udall, recently traveled to Jordan. While there, he visited students from two of our centers. One of our students at our Kafia Production Center in Ma’an, sells her own authentic kafias for 50 JD’s. She’s not yet finished our three-month training program and she already has 30 orders! As a result, she’s told us that our program has not only made her feel productive in her work, but happy in herself.

Stories like Sania’s are why we do what we do. Becoming an advocate for Rebuild for Peace will help us strengthen and grow our programs, like the one in Jordan. In this way, we can reach and train more youth like Sania, who want to build a business and contribute to her community.

Here are 5 reasons to become an Ambassador for Rebuild for Peace:

  1. Empower youth through vocational training;

  2. Strengthen families and communities;

  3. Create a public platform to transform lives;

  4. Raise awareness about youth and refugee issues; and

  5. Advocate for global peace.

As an Ambassador you will be advocating on our behalf in your community in a way that works for you. This advocacy can include presenting, fundraising on our behalf, sharing our message in a public platform that fits your community.

One of our Ambassador’s, Candice LeSueur, recently advocated for Rebuild for Peace by organizing a Backyard Benefit Concert in her community.

This was her experience:

“On September 29th, 2017, a Friday night, we held a benefit concert to fundraise for RFP right in our backyard. It turned out to be a huge success and was so fun! We had several bands who agreed, and even volunteered to join the cause by giving our attendees some good music to listen to. There were about 60+ people who came to have a good time mingling with their friends who laid out their picnic blankets on the grass to listen to the musicians play; there were even magic tricks included at the end of the performances! Selfless volunteers helped collect donations in the entrance and made sure everyone was served hot chocolate. We also took a few minutes to share the mission of Rebuild for Peace and raised awareness of what is happening in the world with the refugee crisis. The feeling of that night was one of caring and unity as everyone came together and gave of themselves to helping those in Jordan receive the education and inspiration they need to rebuild. By the end of the fundraiser, we are happy to say we raised $350.”

There are so many ways you can lend your time to help share our cause with others!

When you sign up to become an Ambassador for Rebuild for Peace, we’ll provide an Ambassador Toolkit that outlines:

  • Fundraising ideas,

  • Talking points,

  • A presentation that you can use and edit, and

  • Ways to successfully get others involved.

We’ll also schedule a quick webinar so that you can feel comfortable about talking on our behalf. And as a thank you for being part of our team, you will receive Rebuild for Peace T-shirts, stickers, and a shoutout!

You can apply for our Ambassador Program by filling out this quick survey. We look forward to rebuilding lives with your help!

This is a unique opportunity to advocate for the cause of youth and refugee empowerment, as well as be a part of our global network.

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