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Stories of Peace: Moonalaron

“The girls are fabulous. They are full of hope to achieve things and to be productive in the community. The traditions in the South of Jordan, particularly the tradition that women don’t often leave their homes, can make it hard for them to attend educational trainings like this one. However, after seeing their diligence in coming to class every day, I was confident about their dedication. Even just the fact that they left home is amazing. It’s a start for a lot of things.”


Moonalaron is an Instructor at the Clothing Manufacturing and Kafia Production Center in Tofila, Jordan.

She is dedicated to the girls continued involvement in education and is key in their enthusiasm to attend the class. In order to continue this instruction, she has offered to teach free classes to the students' friends and families, as well as transportation to anyone who is in need. She is an incredible example of the instructors we aim to hire, who are highly qualified in their respective skill and act as mentors to the students.

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