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Why We Need You This Year

Rebuild for Peace works to rebuild lives, communities, and peace in the wake of violence, war, and strife. In many communities around the world, people's lives are in shambles and, despite their challenges, they work hard to cling onto their dignity. Instead of responding to an immediate need with a temporary solution, we provide a program that acts not only a safe space to learn, but also as a vehicle to foster financial growth. The majority of our students can begin earning an income within a week of the program.

How is that? We partner with community leaders and business owners to teach practical skills specific to the area and hire qualified instructors from within the community who can act as mentors to the students. The tried and tested structure matched with the community centered approach creates an environment of cooperation and productivity, allowing students the opportunity to apply their skills and build their businesses.

What's the outcome? We have served 200 students in 10 different locations in the South of Jordan where refugees have gathered outside the camps and the capitol, Amman, is a day-long bus ride away. The majority of these students are now in the second phase of our program, where they are supported as the move forward in their business endeavors.

Where do you come in? We need support in 2018! We cannot rebuild lives with out your support, advocacy, and donations. This year we plan to continue running our community-based programs, teaching similar skills. We also endeavor to teach higher technical programs to fill a wider skill gap. All of these programs require tools, materials, instructor fees, transportation, and meals. In order to give our students the best experience and empower them to be competitive in their chosen field, we need your contributions!


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