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Shemaina Garcia: Why I Rebuild

I rebuild for peace because I believe that youth are at the heart of sustainable change. Not only do they shape the future with their hands and hearts, they actively change the present with their determination to create a better world. In my most recent work with youth in gangs, I have found myself in awe of their innovation and courage. I support rebuild for peace because it provides an opportunity for youth to flourish. I deeply believe that we will not have peace until there is equality between both genders. Young women and young men must both be empowered in equal ways to reach their dreams. Rebuilding for peace to me means nurturing a space where youth, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality or economic standing, are free to choose their futures. Where they can safely develop skills and talents essential to their future. We have much to learn from refugee youth who have seen the darkest side of conflict. The answers for peace lie in their resilience, creativity, and lived experiences. They are our world’s true makers of change and I believe in them. This is why I #RebuildforPeace.


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