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Aaron Zakimi: Why I Rebuild

Aloha, my name is Aaron Hiroyuki Zakimi. My family’s great grandparents immigrated from the islands of Japan and Okinawa in the early 1900s. They journeyed to the pacific islands of Hawaii for better economic opportunities to provide a better future for their children. Growing up in Hawaii, I had the wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by people from all over the world living together. Despite the preconceived notions of living in paradise, there were many families struggling with social, emotional, and economic stability.

I felt a yearning to help the people around me find true and lasting peace. Through my college experience, I was able to become certified in peace-building practices. I have become informed of mediation techniques, conflict resolution skills, and narrative analysis. My previous work experience involves working with at-risk youth in a wilderness therapy program. This experience gave me a miraculous insight on the day-to-day struggles that youth must face.

I currently work as a teacher of students with special needs. Working with these students has given me a unique perspective on many injustices and unfair treatment that take place in the lives of many young children. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. I am passionate that education can give people opportunities to transform their circumstances for the better.

CEO and Vice President of Rebuild for Peace, Christopher and Alison Udall, came to Utah and presented their current efforts and projects that are being facilitated by Rebuild for Peace in the Kingdom of Jordan. Learning about Rebuild for Peace opened my eyes on the issue of refugee youth, and the constant struggle of war and uncertainty. Rebuild for Peace teaches youth valuable vocational skills through various education experiences. I believe education can empower people to transform themselves, communities, and the world in positive ways. I support Rebuild for Peace because their motives are outward focused and sustainable in training future generations to make a difference.


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