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Stories of Peace: Assia Abusiad

"Because of the traditions in the southern area, it is not very common for women to leave their homes and go to school or work. However, my insistence and passion along with my husband’s willingness to help, has allowed me to work in many places within this region.

This region, specifically the southernmost area in Jordan, needs a lot of media attention to illustrate what is going on. Many of the young girls, who have finished high school or their bachelor degree, have very few if any opportunities to work. These kinds of workshops and trainings, administrated by nonprofit organizations, give them a great feeling of empowerment and an ability to contribute to their families.

My favorite thing over the past couple of years of teaching, has been seeing the pride and happiness in the girls' faces after a potential donor visits while the girls are busy working hard. The girls are proud of the skills they have developed, happy to demonstrate the knowledge they have attained during their training. The greatest part of my entire career is seeing the hope that persists in regions just like this.”


Assia Abusiad is an Instructor at the Clothing Manufactoring Center in the Municipality of Al Karak. She is a specialist in the field, with over 35 years of experience. Her husband is extremely supportive of her and she is very supportive of her students, invested in their continued success.

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