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Stories of Peace: Dalal

“It's so amazing to me that I can learn this profession in Al Karak, support myself, and eventually put myself through university. Even with the small amount of money I have, I can still support myself and work toward my success. I don’t want to ask my family, who’s already in debt due to my university degree, for more money; instead, I am excited to learn a useful skill and save money for my future at the same time.”

Dalal is the Happy Face of the Workshop. She always laughs and smiles. She is a student at the Clothing Manufacturing Center near Al Karak. Dalal said this training has impacted her, as she already had a passion for this kind of work from her grandmother. She wants to help other girls from the same area who have fewer opportunities; the girls who can’t go to University because of their traditions or because they can’t afford it.

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