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The Founder's Story: Where It All Began

My love for vocational education all started in the backyard of my Grandma Whetten's house, where she sent me (after saying I was bored) with some blocks of wood, nails, and a hammer. This love for working with my hands was further developed as I began collecting tools as a child, and while taking vocational education classes throughout my junior high and high school years, which led to eventually taking 1st place in State Skills USA Manufacturing Technology competitions.

While studying Intercultural Peacebuilding at my university, I taught carpentry skills and talked to my students about how they could apply peacebuilding principles in their lives. I realized that these two disciplines could fit conjointly together and help to rebuild lives and communities for displaced and targeted youth around the world. I studied peacebuilding in Palestine with the backdrop of the Middle Eastern conflict, and completed an internship in Northern Ireland with the Causeway Institute of Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution International, where I worked with Middle Eastern dignitaries and religious leaders.

My experiences at home and abroad have helped me decide to dedicate my life to philanthropy and to help those affected by hardship by providing them a new path forward through economic opportunity. I believe that by empowering them to forge new skill sets it will allow them to be self reliant and help others in their communities. I am committed to combining these powerful tools, vocational education and peacebuilding, to help rebuild lives, communities and peace.

As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are in need of powerful advocates like you to help us spread the word about our work and our impact. Last month we launched our Rebuild for Peace Ambassador Program, for individuals like you who are Interested in directly affecting the lives of refugee youth living in Jordan by engaging people within your circle of influence and communities.

Our work was launched by a grant from the Vocational Training Corporation, a branch of the Jordanian government. However, wages for our staff, our educators, tools, and meals for students are sustained entirely by the love, appreciation, and individual contributions that you and your friends make to us and our students. I do not take your hard earned money and contributions lightly. Which is why I wanted to outline how your money is being used.

Every $50 donation provides 1 student:

  • Daily meals and a safe learning environment

  • A full course of teaching in e-marketing and a vocational trade of their choice

  • All the necessary tools for their trade

  • Pastoral care and mentorship

  • Financial support for their business upon graduation

Every contribution that we receive we use to ensure that we are providing quality vocational education and entrepreneurial skills that help underserved communities feel empowered to help provide for themselves and their families. At the core of our work, and our mission, we are peace-builders and admit students of any race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin. We would continue to be honored and grateful to you if you made a contribution to us today.

On our recent trip to Jordan we met with students, graduated and newly enrolled, and discovered that they have now found opportunities to work and contribute financially to their families through our mentorship and capacity building programs. Our trainings not only teach a specific discipline but also provide ways for students to connect their education to economic opportunities, teaching practices that can sustain them well beyond the course.

Your donations give hope.

Help us give hope to these passionate and dedicated people by donating on

Thank you for all you do to make our efforts possible!

Please don’t forget to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our e-newsletter to get the most up-to-date news!

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