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Hareth Altarawneh of Jordan: Why I Rebuild for Peace #WhyRFP

In the past I had this passion to help girls from different parts of the world and, unfortunately, I couldn’t do that much in Jordan. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because the jobs I had stopped me from going to these areas. The minute Chris told me that we were going to the South, to places I had never been, and to meet the female participants in these vocational trainings I was filled with happiness!

Every time I go home, I feel relieved and blessed, knowing that I have been able to contribute to my community by helping Rebuild for Peace do these kinds of trainings in the south of Jordan. That is where I come from and your program reflects my identity. I am not just grateful to you and the team at Rebuild for Peace for what you are doing, but I feel we're forever in your debt.

The situation in Jordan is really tough, economically speaking. But to see that small light in the girls' eyes and the pride they have in their work, knowing that they can make a difference, it's wonderful. It’s all about making a difference, even the small kinds of things you can do in a community.

You don’t know how big of an impact it is. These girls told me in the trainings, the couple days we were visiting, that they always go back to their families and share what they're learning. They share that there are people who care for them, people who care for them outside their communities. This is truly an amazing thing, because they don’t get this kind of attention normally, either from their local community, from the government, or from any official body.

Women generally, in Jordan, they’ve been through a lot. If you read Jordanian history you'll see that we’ve made great mistakes…by not giving women opportunities and by stereotyping, generalizing, or judging what they can or cannot do. This is why I always welcome these kind of part time jobs. I have the opportunity to be involved in bettering the lives of these women who deserve recognition. I am especially grateful for the opportunity I have through Rebuild for Peace and with you, Chris. I know that you are really for this cause. I’ve seen your attitude and how you deal with things. I know you got this money through really hard work and I just can’t imagine that you’re doing this thousands of miles away from your home. That is why I support Rebuild for Peace and the work you are doing in Jordan.


Hareth Altarawneh is a hired contractor and acting translator for Rebuild for Peace. He is a Jordanian citizen and studies at the University in Amman. He is both a Women's Empowerment and Human Rights Activist. Hareth has assisted Rebuild for Peace by conducting interviews, coordinating visits to our vocational training centers, and sharing his impressions based on his understanding of the communities we serve.


We are currently in the process of raising funds for #GivingTuesday (Nov. 28, 2017) and throughout the end-of-year. Every contribution that we receive we use to ensure that we are providing quality vocational education and entrepreneurial skills that help under served communities feel empowered to help provide for themselves and their families.

Make your donation today by visiting our website:

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