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Stories of Peace: Mayada

“Every time, the first few days, when I tried to put the needle in, I would always break it. But now, after two months of hard work, I can stitch and am able to do many kinds of shapes in the clothes- which is amazing- with different colors of thread. When I first talked to the trainer she intrigued me, describing how this work can go on and on, because it’s not like any job. It’s an art. I love to create things and use my mind to design details and shapes in fabric, so this is the perfect skill for me to learn.

The person who looks at the past and at mistakes stays in the past. I’m not that kind of person. I’m the type of person who tries to always looks towards the future with no regrets.”

Mayada is a Student at the Clothing Manufacturing Center in the Municipality of Al Karak in Jordan.

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