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Rebuild for Peace Ambassador Story: Brook Petterson

Brook Petterson: Ambassador for Rebuild for Peace in Ashland, Oregon.

I live in Ashland, Oregon and am a Licensed Practical Nurse. I am passionate about helping others and actively look for ways to spread peace.

Christopher and Alison recently visited Ashland during their fundraising tour, and I was honored to host them for an activity in the park to help raise awareness and funds for Rebuild for Peace. During this event we set up an information booth, a kid’s activities station, and also led a yoga routine. We collected donations, answered questions, and provided a sign-in sheet for participants to learn more and stay connected with us.

I volunteered to be an Ambassador for Rebuild for Peace after hearing about their mission several months ago. I support their efforts to educate women and youth and wanted to do more to help, especially by advocating in my community. I thought of a way I could engage those around me and organized an activity that would be fun and interactive.

After this first event, I've continued to visit many community groups and social clubs in my area to present material on Rebuild for Peace. I got an amazing response from the community the first time around, and they've been asking for more events moving forward.

I am doing what I can to help rebuild lives and bring about positive change by sharing their inspiring message with my community. I am truly inspired by Rebuild for Peace! I feel grateful to be an advocate for a nonprofit organization that brings communities together, strives to promote education around the world. In fact, they not only inspire peace, but provide tools to become more peaceful communicators together.

All communities can take part but the most powerful and positive impact has been within Refugee communities in Jordan. Rebuild for Peace has focused efforts to build technical schools for refugees to help empower and provide paths for positive change within each community.

With help from our home communities, we can promote and take part in providing real positive solutions in the world!

I am honored to be a part of this growing nonprofit! I look forward to talking with communities about Rebuild for Peace and the simple things that we can do to make big changes in the world!


Here are five reasons to become a Rebuild for Peace Ambassador! If you're ready to go, then apply here. We'd love to have you!

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