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Learn more about how are helping refugee youth reach their full potential.

Give the gift everyone wants: PEACE AND A GOOD JOB.

You are a changemaker.

You see the world through a unique lens, one filled with hope and optimism for peace. This guides how you, your family, and closest friends not only interact with your own communities, but also with others around the world; and it dictates how you give.

At Rebuild for Peace, we understand that no one wants a handout. What people want most is to feel empowered, and to have the ability to protect and provide for their family.

We are an international organization that works in communities that are in need of good paying jobs, safety, and security.

Learning a new trade and having a good job allows youth and refugees in Jordan -- at-risk of being recruited into violent causes -- to care for themselves and their families; to create sanctuaries, and to finally find peace in their new home away from home.

Instead of giving aid, Rebuild for Peace provides the tools and training necessary for individuals to become skilled entrepreneurs and engaged community leaders.

With eight dedicated centers in Jordan, we will serve over 180 at-risk young men and women in the first three months of our program there. Each center provides a three month training program for students that include vocational skills development, incorporates peace-building programs, and community engagement initiatives.

Our goal is to reach 2,000 students in one year.

To get there, we need you. To deepen our impact and our commitment in Jordan, and also to help us build capacity in other regions around the world that so desperately need our attention.

We rebuild livelihoods and communities, but most importantly, we aim to rebuild hope. Hope in the beautiful eyes, minds, and lives that need it most. We want to continue contributing to building peace around the globe, help people strive to live their lives without the fear of violence, and build a future we can all be proud of.

Join me and all of us, in restoring hope, and rebuilding a better tomorrow!

To learn more about what we’re doing at Rebuild for Peace, and the impact our Jordan Program is making, go here.

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