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Bringing vocational education and peace-building programs to youth around the world. Each community is different, but we offer our structure to each community we serve and collaborate on solutions.

Degree in Vocational Trade Program

A Competitive degree is offered to distinguished students in their chosen field.

Entrepreneurship and E-Marketing Courses

Students are trained on how to market their products and themselves professionally.

Tools of the Trade are Provided and Awarded 

Trade tools are provided during the program, then awarded upon completion.

Trainings in

Students are taught conflict resolution, while peaceful narratives are incorporated by certified administrators.

Free Meal One
Time a Day

Meals are provided to make education possible for many of our students who could  

not afford it otherwise.

Easier Transportation Options

We bring programs into the community, as an alternative to the long bus rides required to get to larger cities.

Labor Market Needs Assessment

We assess economic needs and skill gaps in each community, and general labor trends in region to teach useful skills.

Dialogue with Local Businesses

We meet with local  business owners to better understand the occupational needs in their area.

Apprentice & Work-Based Learning 

We partner with local businesses to place students who are not yet ready to start businesses, with work-based learning programs.

Community Development Project

We require each student to facilitate a community- based project to benefit the community and put their knowledge to practice.

Entrepreneurship and Business Grants

We award several grants to our students to help them achieve success in their goals after graduation.

Government Certification

We discuss solutions with local and federal agencies to ensure students have the ability to continue working after the program.

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